Infant Home Phototherapy

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. has partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island to provide phototherapy for babies in their home, as an alternative to delayed discharge or re-hospitalization.  We provide families with the Medela Bilibed® and give complete instruction in the use and care of the equipment.  Our RNs visit daily to provide an assessment, weight check and stat bilirubin blood draw and can also assist families with breastfeeding if necessary.  We work closely with community pediatricians to monitor the health of the baby.

Physicians needing to refer a patient should first call us at 401-884-8273 and then have their staff fax this script to 401-884-5541. We will call the office to confirm receipt of the fax and contact the family to arrange prompt delivery. Families should also familiarize themselves with our Financial Policy and our Credit Card on File Policy.

We do provide home phototherapy for families without insurance coverage for this service who wish to pay for it privately.  However, we cannot provide this service without a physician's order. If you would like us to provide this service, please have your physician fax this script to 401-884-5541 and we will contact you upon receipt.  

Customer Comments and Testimonials

This past June, my husband and I and our two year old daughter welcomed a new baby girl into our family! We were beyond excited to add another beautiful baby girl to our home, and were counting down the days in the hospital until we could bring her home. On our last day, we were told our daughter’s levels of jaundice were rising and could potentially delay our departure. After some blood work, we were granted the “OK” to head home. We had to return to the hospital the following day for more blood work and then head to at our pediatrician’s office for an exam.

The following day, after meeting with the pediatrician and hearing the results that our daughter’s levels were too high, we became panicked. My husband and I sat in the office wondering what we would do if our daughter needed to be re-admitted to the hospital for treatment. We just got home. Would we even be able to stay with her? How would I still be able to breastfeed? What effect would this have on our daughter at home? How could we care for two children in two different places?

Then our pediatrician told us about Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. They had a fantastic program where our daughter could get the same hospital grade treatment in the comfort of our own home. Our pediatrician highly recommended this company and told us we would be very happy with their services. We were so thankful! Within an hour of leaving our pediatrician we had already spoken to, and set up an appointment for the nurse to come to our home to set up the bilibed for phototherapy treatment. The woman who came was fantastic and arrived within a a couple hours! She explained the entire process in-depth to us, equipped us with a form to keep track of feedings, wet diapers, soiled diapers and the baby’s temperature. She came to our house every day, weighed the baby, took her blood and checked in with us to see how everything was going, recording the amount of time the baby spent on the bed, and providing us with feedback on our daughter. She worked closely with our pediatrician to get back blood work and provide continued treatment. Not to mention she was a lactation consultant who helped and supported me throughout the entire process and whom still provides continued support. This service allowed us to keep our family together at home. In just four days, our daughters levels were low enough for her to stop the phototherapy treatment. The nurse and lactation consultant came back a final time, to pick up all equipment, check in on me and offer breastfeeding tips.

My husband and I are beyond thankful for the services we obtained from Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. We are happy to say that our daughter is healthy and growing beautifully with the help of their in-home services.
— Kirstyn Zaborski