We offer a variety of classes for you and your growing family. Classes work best with large groups, so get your friends and come together! If you do not see a class you want offered, please call the office and we will arrange one for you. We also offer private and group classes in your home.

Prior registration will assure that we have enough participants to hold the class.  To register please use our Schedule of Events page above to find a date and select register for class. Your registration will then be added to your shopping cart in our store where you can process payment upon checkout.  Interested in more than 1 class? When you preregister for 2 classes, you’ll get a 20% discount!  (2 classes for $80, normally $100). Just select Class Combo Pack in the Store or on the Events page.

Please note that these are classes, and not individual consultations. As much as you know we love babies, we ask that you not bring them to the class, as the evening is generally not a good time for babies and it makes the class difficult for other participants. In addition, we are unable to discuss your particular situation in this group setting. Classes do not include unlimited phone follow up for the topic taught. If you need assistance with a particular issue, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I took your infant sleep class last week and have to say - game changer!! My daughter (5 months, 3.5 corrected) just slept 10 straight hours last night. My husband and I ate dinner together and played Scrabble - it was amazing. So a big, big thank you for your help!
— Laura Brown
Kathy Moren at Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. helped me return to full time work as a busy nurse with a plan in place to maintain my milk supply. Her guidance helped me continue to nurse my son and keep up my milk supply to meet his growing needs. The consultation prevented any unnecessary guess work on how much or how often I should feed. The class was great, but with her support, along with Doris’, another amazing nurse, I was able to breast feed my baby at the advanced age of 41 with Multiple Sclerosis. They say it takes a village to raise a child and having Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. be part of that supportive network was crucial in balancing work/motherhood! The sleep class was also essential in maintaining a healthy and happy household. These classes are definitely a must do!
— Susan Krzyzek, Seekonk, MA