Sleep Consults for Babies and Mothers

At HBHM Inc., we are big fans of sleep! We know that things are much more difficult to deal with when you haven't had a good night sleep. This is true for both parents and infants.

Sleep Consults
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The newborn period is fraught with sleep deprivation, and this is completely normal. New babies eat frequently and sleep a lot, but not as consistently or for the long periods of time that parents are used to. This phase eventually passes, and some normalcy will return to the chaos that a new baby creates. But for most families, there is a period of adjustment while both parents and baby figure things out!

We believe that the best way to deal with sleep issues is to establish good sleep habits in the newborn period that support a baby's natural circadian rhythm. We are vehemently opposed to any advice that recommends enforcing a strict newborn sleep schedule. First, we encourage our clients to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Once that is accomplished, we can start addressing sleep. For families having difficulty establishing a routine that supports their baby’s circadian rhythm, we offer sleep consults.

Sleep consultations can be provided in person in our East Greenwich office, or over the phone. They include unlimited phone follow-up* until this child is sleeping soundly through the night and the family is happy with the situation.  They are available to families with babies that are at least 3 months old, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as to both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families. Our sleep expert will talk with the family to get an accurate history, learn what a typical day is like with respect to both sleeping and feeding, and make recommendations for changes that can improve the situation.

Each family receives a written summary of the consult as well as a detailed written plan.

Please call us at (401) 884-8273 or contact us via email if you would like to schedule a consult with one of our Registered Nurses.

*Please note that the unlimited phone follow-up for the sleep consult is only for the child for whom you received the consult, and not subsequent children. Thanks for your understanding of this policy!

Customer Comments and Testimonials

By the time I made the decision to call Kathy we were desperate. My son was 6 months old and we were all exhausted. Not napping well, waking every 45 minutes or so all night long to nurse. I was a mess; depressed and anxious from lack of sleep and not enjoying my experience as a new mom nearly as much as I “should”. The support Kathy provided was essential. The first night, I was a wreck, but he slept for 9 hours straight, when I truly thought that wasn’t possible. For the next year and a half he slept through the night, every night, without a peep, or on the rare occasion he did wake up, he would put himself back to sleep without any intervention. I became the mom I was meant to be- happy and calm. Whenever I hit a bump in the road in this journey, even now, I can call and briefly chat with Kathy to get an idea of if I’m heading in the right direction, or get a tip. Her continued support has been invaluable! I highly recommend her as a sleep consultant, she changed our lives!
— YK, Rhode Island
I am so grateful that you came to my home and helped Jayonna and I. You completely saved me from having a breakdown. We are doing fantastic and the baby is growing like a weed. She has been sleeping 7-8 hours per night for several weeks now. I couldn’t ask for a better baby and I have your help and advice to thank for it.
— Jay Bevilacqua, Johnston, RI
...Without your help, both in that class and over the phone, I never would have been able to manage nursing and pumping for over a year. I couldn’t even get my newborn to sleep without your help! Today, Charlie still asks to take his nap and happily goes to bed each night. Even our pediatrician is impressed...Your practical suggestions on a sleep routine took into account the fact that we already had a three year old and helped us smoothly integrate a newborn into our family...Thank you!
— Julie Brennan Jacobs, Washington, DC