Breastfeeding Support and Encouragement

Are you an expectant mother who is trying to decide whether or not to breastfeed your baby? Or maybe you're a breastfeeding mother who is trying to remember why she even started breastfeeding in the first place? Either way, you have come to the right place for encouragement and support. Breastfeeding may at times seem like the hardest thing you will ever do. But in so many ways, it's also the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. No doubt you have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding and that it will make your baby healthier. It’s true. The colostrum in the breast milk that you produce when your baby is first born has a laxative and protective effect on your infant's stomach and intestinal lining. The milk that comes in a few days later is specific to your baby, and is based on the infant’s gestational age and your ethnicity. It also changes constantly to accommodate his or her growing nutritional needs, whereas formula remains the same for 12 months.

The nursing support group was extremely helpful - not only to get Kathy’s expert advice, but to be a part of conversations with other moms.

As a benefit of breastfeeding, your baby will have better cholesterol control and increased visual acuity, as well as being developmentally ahead of formula fed babies the same age! Not only do breastfed babies have fewer illnesses and ear infections than bottle fed infants, but you will be healthier too. Mothers who breastfeed have significantly lower incidence of breast cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity. Their uterus returns to its previous size and state quicker, and they have less bleeding than mothers who formula feed. In addition, breastfeeding mothers respond better to stress thanks to all the “feel good” hormones produced by lactation. And finally, breastfeeding can save your family an average of $1989.50 a year in formula costs, plus all the money you saved on healthcare expenses!

So give it a try, or keep going if you have already started! Come join us at our Breastfeeding Support Group, held in our East Greenwich Office. This is a great opportunity to come in and meet Kathy Moren and other new mothers, weigh your baby and get your questions answered for FREE! However, we cannot provide individual lactation consults during this time. Please call the office and schedule an appointment if you feel you need one on one consultation. Formula/bottle feeding mothers are of course welcome also! Please view our Schedule of Events page for our Support Group dates and times.

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The nursing support group was extremely helpful - not only to get Kathy’s expert advice, but to be a part of conversations with other moms.