Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast is a non-profit community milk bank operating under the guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). Their goal is to provide donated, pasteurized human milk to babies in fragile health throughout the Northeastern United States.

They are proud to serve our community by:

1.     Collecting, pasteurizing and dispensing donor human milk;

2.     Educating the medical and general communities about indications for, benefits and use of donor human milk;

3.     Furthering our knowledge of donor human milk through partnership research with hospitals, medical schools and community organizations.

Numerous studies prove the nutritional and immunologic benefits of human milk and support its use as a preventive treatment for various diseases. Often called “liquid gold” in reference to its golden hue, human milk provides invaluable nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors to nursing babies.

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. is proud to be the Rhode Island Depot for MMBNE.  Moms can drop their frozen milk off in our East Greenwich office and we will ship it to MMBNE in Newton, Massachusetts and no cost to the mother.  Women interested in donating their milk to MMBNE must first be medically cleared to donate.  Please check the donation guidelines at then contact MMBNE at (617) 527-6263 to start the screening process.  Once you are cleared to donate, you will receive a donor number and HBHM Inc. will be notified that we can accept your milk.