Baby Bloom – Resource for New Mothers

by Kathy Moren RN, BSN, IBCLC

 I recently found out about a great resource for new moms here in Rhode Island.  This service has been offered in Boston and Western Massachusetts for years, and I am often referring my patients to those organizations.  I have long wished I had the energy to add these services to our offerings, and was thrilled when I found out someone was doing it Cranston!  When I met Tyler Lucchese, the owner of Baby Bloom, I immediately felt confident that she is someone I could send my patients to.  Those who have used her already have been very happy with her services and I am eager to help get the word out about what is available!

 Baby Bloom knows there are many factors that play into recovery after giving birth; total responsibility of a teeny tiny new baby, physical recovery and sleeplessness.  They know that preparing you with everything in place is key. Baby Bloom’s team of Newborn Care Specialists provides personalized, in-home newborn care and postpartum support that will relieve you of stress and empower you on your journey into parenthood. Baby Bloom was created out of the deep compassion for new mothers, and firm belief of nurturing mothers as much as their babies. By creating a space with your needs taken into account, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment with your little one without worrying about tasks like washing pump parts or doing the laundry. They’ve got you covered, mama.

 I am particularly excited that Baby Bloom offers Overnight Care. Give yourself the gift of sleep so you can be the best mom you can be in the morning. Your Newborn Care Specialist can arrive at your home between 8-10 pm and stay overnight, working 8-12 hour shifts. 

 During her shift, she will tend to all of your baby's needs:

· Feeding

· Burping

· Dressing

· Changing Diapers

· Clean and sterilize bottles and pump parts

· Prepare bottles for the next day if needed

· Maintain a log that tracks your baby's feeding times, ounces, diapers and anything else you may need to know

· Keep nursery tidy and stocked

· Sleep Conditioning by using a gentle approach to help your baby develop sleep habits that lead to sleeping throughout the night

Your Newborn Care Specialist will also walk you through step-by-step processes of how to swaddle and soothe your baby, and provide guidance about normal newborn care.  She is also a certified lactation counselor and can help support you while breastfeeding! Other Services Baby Bloom offers include: Baby Planning Services, Postpartum Doula Care, 24 Hour Care and Travel Care. If you could use a little extra assistance getting sleep, adjusting to motherhood, or just figuring out how to care for your baby, please give Tyler a call.  You won’t be disappointed!