World Health Organization (WHO) Breastfeeding Resolution

I woke up this morning to an email from some physician friends of mine letting me know about the United State’s opposition to the international breastfeeding resolution proposed at the recent World Health Organization assembly.   Irate, I closed my computer and put it out of my mind in light of my husband’s 53rd birthday and my hope to honor him by forgoing work for today.  I was mostly successful.  Fast forward to this evening, when we met two of our four sons at our favorite restaurant to celebrate the birthday. After our drinks arrived, my oldest, the 26 year old responsible for my beautiful website and all things tech at HBHM Inc, turns to all of us and says, “Did you hear about the US’s response to the WHO breastfeeding resolution?”  To which my 16 year old son and then my husband, chimed in about how they were well aware of it, and expressed their dismay at our country’s response. Imagine my surprise: that they knew about it, (and not from me!) had an opinion, and were as disappointed as I was. I was stunned. While they joked that it was in their best interests to know what is going on in the breastfeeding world in light of the “family business”, I could not have been prouder. As disappointing as this is, I really don’t think this generation is going to put up with policy changes that support business at the expense of public health or civil rights. I am going to continue to do what I can to advocate so that those who want to breastfeed can do so with the support they need. I will also continue to support those that need to or choose to use formula. And I will encourage my sons, who will hopefully be fathers one day, to do the same.

 You can read more about this disappointing act HERE