Nurture the Nurturer(s)

by Elyse Wilkie

Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, DONA Doula in training

The common expression, ‘It takes a village’ proves to be most accurate for parents who have just welcomed in the birth of a new babe. Whether you are having your first child or third, the first few weeks after a baby is born is often when parents most benefit from the help of their ‘village.’  A newborn thrives on unconditional love and endless affection. To best meet the infant’s needs, it is essential the parents maintain their sense of wellbeing through daily self-care practices.

As new parents, it is too easy to put the needs of the newborn before their own, a strategy which will quickly lead to the new parents becoming exhausted and overwhelmed.

By the family having a solid support team to turn to, day-to-day life can run more smoothly while overall daily happiness and the ability to stay present is greatly increased. For new parents, a freshly prepared nutritious meal and a few moments rest will leave parents feeling refreshed and ready to take on the gratifying moments and arising challenges of raising a newborn.

Ayurveda is a preventative holistic healthcare system that provides the wisdom and tools necessary to fully support a new family, as well as the individual.  There are endless and immense benefits to new parents whom feel nurtured and supported in the weeks after the birth of their babe. Mental clarity, increased stamina, the body’s ability to heal faster, decreased anxiety and depression, and the balancing of post birth hormones, and deep bonding with the new babe can all be easily achieved through the support of your tribe. It is vital for new parents to have ample rest and time to practice daily self-care in order to stay healthy and happy for their newborn. As an Ayurvedic Health counselor, student of the DONA doula training, and having earned both my prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training, I am here to support the family unit in multifaceted ways.

The following services are offered in the convenience of your home to ensure that the experience is only helpful and restorative, never stressful. By eliminating the need to load all of the baby’s necessities into the car and trying to work around an infant’s sleeping schedule, I am able to assist your family in receiving moments of peace and restorative relaxation so you are able to appreciate the blessing of these fleeting, precious moments.

Family Home Care services include but are not limited to:

·       Seasonal Nutritious meals cooked in your home or delivered to you

·       Personalized yoga practice designed around the needs of the new parents

·       Ayurvedic Therapeutic Bodywork with Organic Oils and warm sea stones

·       Client Wellness Consultations to bring the body and mind back into balance

·       Instruction on the Methods and Benefits of Baby Bodywork

·       Family yoga practice

·       Guided Meditation and Pranayama (breath work) to simultaneously energize and ground you

·       New Parent free time- choose to rest or do as you please while I tend to the needs of the baby

If you currently have a newborn, have one on the way, or have experienced what it’s like to feel past the point of exhaustion, know that your ‘village’ is here to support you. 


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