Spectra S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

by Jessica Adams RN IBCLC

The Spectra S2 Plus is one of the newest breast pump options provided by HBHM Inc. for expecting moms with BCBS, TriCare or Tufts insurance. The aesthetically pleasing rounded curves, ergonomic carrying handle with built-in LED lights, and soft silicone touch button combine to make this pump gentle and quiet, as well as powerful. 

 The most innovative feature of the Spectra S2 Plus is the gentle flutter-like suckling designed to mimic a baby’s natural suckling motion at the breast. It is fast, efficient and comfortable on breasts and nipples. The suckling speed and suction are independently controlled. The let-down mode has one set speed of 70 cycles per minute, as well as 5 suckling suction strength options.

Once let-down is achieved, a quick push of a button switches to the milk expression mode, which has 5 speed settings  ranging from 38 to 54 cycles per minute, and a whopping 12 suckling suction strength settings. Yes, this is a powerful, albeit very quiet and adjustable machine. Each mom can decide which cycle speed and suckling strength works best for her body and unique pumping needs.



The insurance provided Spectra S2 Electric Pump package contains the following:

·       Spectra S2 Plus Pump motor unit, color pink

·       Power cord/AC Adapter

·       Two collection kits, including both 24mm and 28mm sized breast shields, silicone duck bill connectors, wide mouth bottles, bottle locking rings, bottle discs, wide mouth nipples, bottle caps

·       Two backflow connectors

·       Two individual silicone tubings

·       Spectra S1 Plus/S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump Instruction Manual

·       Warranty information card

Advantages and features of the Spectra S2 Plus that we appreciate:

·       Really quiet

·       Automatic safety shut off after 30 minutes

·       Built-in  digital timer

·       Attach a 12-volt car charger or battery pack and make this pump portable

·       Spectra Baby USA customer service and warranty fulfillment receive an A+

·       2 year warranty on the pump motor unit and 90 day warranty on accessory parts

·       Dual voltage 100V-240V so you can take overseas to many countries and safely use an adapter without need for a voltage converter

·       If the Spectra S1 Plus battery operated pump is preferred, an exchange can be made for an additional fee

·       Breast shield sizes available in 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm

·       Massager inserts for breast shields allow for a more comfortable pumping experience and turn the 24mm breast shield into a 23mm and the 28mm breast shield into a 27mm

A few areas that require vigilance:

·       Initial set-up of power cord requires that 2 separate parts be correctly snapped flush together or power will not reach the motor unit

·       The silicone tubing, duckbill valve and silicone membrane portion of the backflow protector should not be sterilized at all, ever.  Sterilizing will result is distortion of these parts.   To wash the duckbill valve, use warm soapy water. 

·       Recommended method of sterilization for other accessories is to place them in a clean, heatproof bowl and pour boiling water over accessories. Submerge accessories and allow to remain submerged for 3-5 minutes maximum, remove, allow to air dry, and cover

·       Pump will automatically return to the last previously used setting. This might be stronger than what you want to start on, so pay attention before attaching pump parts. 

·       Spectra silicone tubing length is ~31.5 inches, shorter than other pump brands, keeping you close to the pump.