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Our Mission

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. is passionate about having a positive impact on the health of babies and the well being of their mothers. We are committed to treating women with kindness and respect while helping them achieve success in their breastfeeding goals. Our expert nurses guide mothers with the information and support they need to be confident in their ability to care for their children, while minimizing stress and fostering their success in an atmosphere of comfort.

We can’t thank Kathy and the staff of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms enough for their help during the days that followed the birth of our first child. We left the hospital feeling anxious, wondering if our daughter would latch correctly and if my milk would come in. I was terribly discouraged and we made the call to Kathy on Saturday afternoon once we had settled in back at home. To my surprise, she offered to come to our house on Sunday – the next day! From the moment we met Kathy, we felt like we were in good hands. She was supportive and encouraging. With her help, we learned so many things about breastfeeding, most importantly to be patient! It all came together and we are so happy that we didn’t give up when it seemed impossible.
— Marissa & Ryan Hirschfeld

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