Kathy Moren saved our bacon! After a lengthy in-home consult, she worked with us to establish a strategy for helping our almost-two year old sleep through the night. In addition, she taught us basic behavior modification techniques - how to handle biting, hitting, and tantrums - that we use to this day. After we resolved our most difficult issues with our toddler, she urged us to stay in touch with her, and she has continued to serve as an amazing resource for all our parenting problems. I encourage every parent I know in the RI/MA area to reach out to Kathy for sleep, lactation, toddler behavior, and any parenting issues in general. She’s an invaluable resource!
— M.M., Montana
When my wife and I transitioned home from the hospital with our little one, one of the biggest stresses was coping with the challenges of breastfeeding. The fear that breastfeeding wasn’t working seemed to take over everything in our lives, leading to tension, loss of sleep, and concerns about our baby’s health. My wife had consulted several nurses in the hospital, but the advice felt inconsistent and was difficult to implement once our supports were gone and it was just the three of us at home. Kathy was an amazing support to us during that time. She was responsive, compassionate, and readily available when difficulties and fear arose. She helped us develop a plan and suggested ways that I could be supportive with the process as well. Kathy was always available to field questions and calm our fears. We are so thankful that Kathy helped us through that chaotic time, and feel like stronger parents because of her support.
— Jim Brcak, Providence, RI
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Beth Collins. She came to my home for a consult 9 days after having my daughter. Even though this is my second child you forget the beginning stages of breastfeeding. Beth was patient, unbelievably helpful and filled my home with the calm energy it needed.

The knowledge and passion Beth has for helping new moms on their journey of breastfeeding is so apparent when she sits with you. She gave me helpful tips to ease soreness, offered to help set up my breast pump and gave me the confidence I needed to take on this beautiful new adventure with my daughter.

I am so grateful for Beths support, knowledge and compassion.
— Krista Hevenor, RI
Kathy, you are worth your weight in gold! When Charlie was born three years ago, your simple, sensible instructions helped me get settled into nursing and taught me to trust my instincts as a new mom. I have told colleagues, who are often a bit wary of the concept of a corporate lactation program, that your lactation class was the most useful class I took before having a baby. Without your help, both in that class and over the phone, I never would have been able to manage nursing and pumping for over a year. I couldn’t even get my newborn to sleep without your help! Today, Charlie still asks to take his nap and happily goes to bed each night. Even our pediatrician is impressed. When Claire arrived a few months ago, you were right there again. I remembered some of the basics from last time, but that basically meant I knew when to call you for advice before I created a bigger problem! Your practical suggestions on a sleep routine took into account the fact that we already had a three year old and helped us smoothly integrate a newborn into our family. And your quick responses when I had trouble with engorgement and a stomach bug let me continue nursing without interruption. As a working mom, pumping at work and building a freezer stash let me feel a bit better about not being around all day. I treasure the special bond that nursing lets me create with my children and enjoy the time I spend nursing, something I attribute to the great advice I’ve gotten from you. Thank you!
— Julie Brennan Jacobs, Washington, DC
Kathy has honestly saved me when it comes to breastfeeding my baby and saving me from being anxious, which has helped me tremendously. The home service is incredible as I really benefit from being shown exactly what to do and the best way to do it. I love how knowledgeable and completely assuring this service is and even better that it’s a benefit from our insurance. I was told so many techniques at the hospital, none that worked before working with Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my family!
— Ashley
My husband’s brother recently came to visit us with his wife and two young children. They were amazed (and that is an understatement) about Max’s terrific sleep schedule, his enthusiastic and healthy eating habits, and his generally delighted and happy disposition. I had to give credit where credit is due and so I told them that we have you to thank in very large part! Your simple but sage advice about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, and the transition to solid food made our first six months with Max a miracle and helped us to establish sensible routines. Nursing Max was one of the most difficult challenges that I have ever faced — neither of us seemed to take to it naturally! That being said, nursing was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I could see how good it was for Max. Your advice and support were instrumental in those early weeks, and I am forever grateful for both. By the time I went back to work as a full-time attorney (after 5 and 1/2 months) Max was sleeping through the night and I had a great supply of breast milk for him to use during the day while I was at work. Over the ensuing six months, with your guidance, I was able to adjust my pumping and nursing to fit both of our schedules and Max cheerfully weaned himself just before his first birthday. Max has not had a single illness during this first year and I have not missed a day of work. Thank you!
— Jennifer Selendy, New York, NY
Kathy is wonderful. I met her because she delivered my hospital grade pump to me while I was an inpatient at WIH. I was able to get one through my insurance because my son was in the NICU. After his NICU stay, transitioning from bottle to breastfeeding was very stressful for me (my preemie was slow to pick up bottle feeding, let alone breastfeeding), and Kathy was positive from day 1, assuring me that we would get him to nurse, and we did! I loved that she came to the house in our normal environment, which helped us learn nursing much more organically than in the hospital. She was immensely encouraging and always had such a positive outlook on our progress that I couldn’t help but feel excited and positive too. I also love that Kathy helps nursing fit around your life and parenting goals, and not the other way around. I could not have done it without her.
— Tovah
This past June, my husband and I and our two year old daughter welcomed a new baby girl into our family! We were beyond excited to add another beautiful baby girl to our home, and were counting down the days in the hospital until we could bring her home. On our last day, we were told our daughter’s levels of jaundice were rising and could potentially delay our departure. After some blood work, we were granted the “OK” to head home. We had to return to the hospital the following day for more blood work and then head to at our pediatrician’s office for an exam.

The following day, after meeting with the pediatrician and hearing the results that our daughter’s levels were too high, we became panicked. My husband and I sat in the office wondering what we would do if our daughter needed to be re-admitted to the hospital for treatment. We just got home. Would we even be able to stay with her? How would I still be able to breastfeed? What effect would this have on our daughter at home? How could we care for two children in two different places?

Then our pediatrician told us about Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. They had a fantastic program where our daughter could get the same hospital grade treatment in the comfort of our own home. Our pediatrician highly recommended this company and told us we would be very happy with their services. We were so thankful! Within an hour of leaving our pediatrician we had already spoken to, and set up an appointment for the nurse to come to our home to set up the bilibed for phototherapy treatment. The woman who came was fantastic and arrived within a a couple hours! She explained the entire process in-depth to us, equipped us with a form to keep track of feedings, wet diapers, soiled diapers and the baby’s temperature. She came to our house every day, weighed the baby, took her blood and checked in with us to see how everything was going, recording the amount of time the baby spent on the bed, and providing us with feedback on our daughter. She worked closely with our pediatrician to get back blood work and provide continued treatment. Not to mention she was a lactation consultant who helped and supported me throughout the entire process and whom still provides continued support. This service allowed us to keep our family together at home. In just four days, our daughters levels were low enough for her to stop the phototherapy treatment. The nurse and lactation consultant came back a final time, to pick up all equipment, check in on me and offer breastfeeding tips.

My husband and I are beyond thankful for the services we obtained from Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. We are happy to say that our daughter is healthy and growing beautifully with the help of their in-home services.
— Kirstyn Zaborski
As I continue to nurse my 3rd son, I think of you often. I am thankful for all that you taught me 4 years ago with Harris. I often see women on TV shows saying how painful nursing is and feel sorry for them that they didn’t have someone like you to show them it isn’t painful. I am continually thankful for the knowledge you have provided me and my family.
— Rebecca Marino, Providence, RI
By the time I made the decision to call Kathy we were desperate. My son was 6 months old and we were all exhausted. Not napping well, waking every 45 minutes or so all night long to nurse. I was a mess; depressed and anxious from lack of sleep and not enjoying my experience as a new mom nearly as much as I “should”. The support Kathy provided was essential. The first night, I was a wreck, but he slept for 9 hours straight, when I truly thought that wasn’t possible. For the next year and a half he slept through the night, every night, without a peep, or on the rare occasion he did wake up, he would put himself back to sleep without any intervention. I became the mom I was meant to be- happy and calm. Whenever I hit a bump in the road in this journey, even now, I can call and briefly chat with Kathy to get an idea of if I’m heading in the right direction, or get a tip. Her continued support has been invaluable! I highly recommend her as a sleep consultant, she changed our lives!
— YK, Rhode Island
Kaia is doing great and still nursing 14 months later! I will always be grateful for your kindness, expertise, and follow-up at such a difficult time in my life.
— Jill Marinelli, Providence, RI
I was having trouble breastfeeding my newborn, when I called HBHM I was given a next day appt. Doris spent 2 hours with me and the baby. She spent time observing and giving advice; It didn’t feel rushed.
Kathy makes you feel so comforted and confident with a plan to address whatever issue. She’s also willing to make adjustments according to the needs of your baby. So thankful to have had her support!
— Andrea Muscadin
I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. It was a tough beginning and you were there with your advice and caring comfort. Ian has gotten a great start thanks to you! You’re one of the greatest lactation consultants I’ve met!
— Bori and Ian Sweetland, West Warwick, RI
I wanted to thank Kathy Moren, Lactation consultant and highly recommend her services. Her sound clinical advise as an RN mixed with her experience as a mother makes her the best Lactation consultant. I had been having difficulties with breastfeeding during my time on the postpartum unit and for whatever reason the 2 minute Lactation consult at the hospital did not suffice. Anemic, engorged, extremely sleep deprived and desperate for solutions I called Kathy who had been referred to me by a friend, OBGYN and Pediatrician. Kathy returned my call almost immediately and was able to see me the next day (which was the day before Christmas Eve). During the visit she completed a thorough medical history and listened to my issues with feeding. In no time after a consult with Kathy my son gained appropriate weight- she allowed me to return to her office as opposed to going to my Pediatrician’s office on Christmas Eve and maintained direct communication with my Pediatrician. After the visit she continued to answer some of my questions including pumping and instructions about effectively introducing the bottle.
— Anonymous
From the 1st contact to the follow up phone call everything was just fabulous - professional and caring!
— Lauren
Thank you for the incredible gift that you have given me - that is being able to nurse my daughter. Robin is now 3 months old and nursing her feels so easy and comfortable that I almost can’t remember how difficult it was in the beginning. I can absolutely say that without you, I would be feeding my baby formula and missing this incredible bonding experience. What a difference you have made for my daughter and me.
— Jane Linden, Providence, RI
I took a prenatal nursing class through HBHM and it was very informative (although “on the job” training is the best for nursing). When in the hospital with our new baby, the hospital lactation consultants and nurses were helpful, but the lactation consultants didn’t observe a feeding due to their oversubscribed schedule. I called HBHM at 7 a.m., the day we were being discharged, and Kathy Moren picked up the phone by chance. She made it over to our house the next morning, calling earlier to find out when the baby would be hungry. It was an amazing appointment; I learned so much and she weighed the baby so we learned how much milk she was getting. Seeing Kathy really restored my confidence in nursing; I had left the hospital worried and felt much better after seeing Kathy. She also called to check up on me and helped develop a plan for nursing that has worked well for two weeks. There’s a reason why HBHM is recommended over and over again by birth workers in Rhode Island; don’t wait to call, and the fee for a home visit is well worth it…6 months later, I am still exclusively giving my baby my milk, all thanks to Kathy. I have had two other appointments with her, one where we focused on building my confidence for nursing outside the house, and one where she helped me work through “distractible nursing” that my baby was going through at four months. Kathy really inspires confidence in parents, and she also offers an excellent class on sleep that I highly recommend. Her lactation group, which is free and meets every two weeks, is a nice supportive place for moms to talk about parenthood. HBHM is one of the best resources for new parents in Rhode Island.
— Sohini R.
Kathy is very encouraging and responsive. She helped so much in getting my insurance to approve the consultation.
— Melissa Kocon
I still think of what you did for me about three years ago! I was in excruciating pain from engorgement and early breastfeeding and in a panic when you came in and completely changed the entire equation. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was like an angel had visited and made everything right. I am forever grateful
— Meg Wirth
I just wanted to proudly tell you that I am still nursing Loretta. She’s almost 5 months now and is weighing in at 13.5 lbs, 24”. I’m so proud & happy to have stuck it out. It took at least 3 months before I finally felt “through the woods”. You are doing some really important work. Thanks for all of your support. It made a huge difference.
— Melissa Sabatini-Wilson, Warwick, RI
Flexibility, home visits, follow-up phone calls, reassurance (is there anything not to like?)
— Jessica Kirk
I am so grateful that you came to my home and helped Jayonna and I. You completely saved me from having a breakdown. We are doing fantastic and the baby is growing like a weed. She has been sleeping 7-8 hours per night for several weeks now. I couldn’t ask for a better baby and I have your help and advice to thank for it.
— Jay Bevilacqua, Johnston, RI
I loved everything about my experience with Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. Everyone I came in contact with was so understanding and was able to not only help me with breastfeeding, but also just to listen and reassure me that I was on the right path. Amazing service and support.
— Janet Farrell
I feel very strongly about the service you provide and I want you to know how much it meant to me. You have truly been a godsend! The advice and direction you gave me was invaluable. Every time we spoke, you made me feel relieved and armed with extremely useful information. The books you recommended to me were most helpful. Your advice has guided the decisions I have made about how to raise my son. The impact you have had on my family is tremendous!
— Michelle Gauvin, Coventry, RI
Thank God for you! I owe this past year to you and want to thank you sincerely for all your help. You are terrific at what you do! I respect your upfront, no nonsense, and honest approach towards nursing. Without your help, I would have given up nursing altogether and that would have been a shame. The bond I have with Kevin is incredible and all our nursing time together is very special. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
— Katie Cloxton, Cranston, RI
My son was born over Memorial Day weekend. I called on Memorial Day and left a message to set up a consultation during that week but Kathy called me back even though it was a holiday and I had my consultation the following day. The consultation was great and it helped with my son latch. I also attended the lactation support group which is free and takes place twice a month.
— Michaela B.
I can’t thank you enough for renting this pump to me. It has allowed me to maintain a healthy milk supply for my son who is now almost 18 lbs at 7 months. He never learned to like bottles. He would in fact starve himself for 9-10 hours while I was at work, only consuming 3-4 ounces, and in the last three weeks before I resigned, ate nothing until I came home! I am glad people like you are available for women such as myself who find themselves in a variety of life circumstances but who understand how important it is to nurse their babies!
— Cynthia Smith, West Warwick, RI
Doris is a sweetie and very client centered. Very validating. Kathy is great too. She is problem focused and good with specific, concrete suggestions.
Doris was very helpful and gave a variation of possible solutions. She was very personable and gave a lot of references.
The nursing support group was extremely helpful - not only to get Kathy’s expert advice, but to be a part of conversations with other moms. It was also wonderful that Mary Beth came to my home, and brought a scale to weigh the baby.
Jessica was able to answer all of my questions and explain how the phototherapy worked. I felt comfortable with her working with my baby.
We can’t thank Kathy and the staff of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms enough for their help during the days that followed the birth of our first child. We left the hospital feeling anxious, wondering if our daughter would latch correctly and if my milk would come in. I was terribly discouraged and we made the call to Kathy on Saturday afternoon once we had settled in back at home. To my surprise, she offered to come to our house on Sunday – the next day! From the moment we met Kathy, we felt like we were in good hands. She was supportive and encouraging. With her help, we learned so many things about breastfeeding, most importantly to be patient! It all came together and we are so happy that we didn’t give up when it seemed impossible.
— Marissa & Ryan Hirschfeld
The availability of home visits as well as weekend appointments was extremely convenient and helpful during a vulnerable and difficult time for me. I don’t think I would have been able to continue nursing without the help of your staff.
— Keri A.
“Kathy is incredibly helpful and attentive. I called her for a pump rental and she delivered it to me on Mother’s Day at the hospital. What wonderful service!”
— Amy C.
“Kathy is wonderful! We used her for both breastfeeding help and sleep help for our baby. She works wonders and we are so grateful for her.”
— Amie H.
“The best support! My daughter is 3 months old and breastfeeding was a complete breeze. I had no issues thanks to the support and education I received. I think everyone should schedule a visit, even if things are going well.”
— Rachel P.
“Kathy, and all of the expertly trained staff, could not have been more helpful, supportive, and reassuring the few days following the birth of my first child. They are true experts with tremendous passion and conpassion for both mom and baby.”
— Chelsea R.
“Breastfeeding is so much harder than I expected! Kathy has helped me throughout the process, teaching me the correct hold and latch at a home visit when my son was 2 weeks old, and helping to troubleshoot at 9 weeks when he wasn’t gaining enough weight. She has returned every phone call quickly (even when she was on vacation!) There’s so much you can read on the Internet that it gets confusing, and it’s been a great support to have an expert right there to personally help me. I always leave a visit feeling optimistic and I find the notes she puts on the patient portal to be very helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything discussed at an appointment and the notes are a clear plan of action to refer to. I highly recommend Kathy and Healthy Babies, Happy Moms and I am so thankful for their support!”
— Kathleen B.
“Loved working with Kathy and all of the staff at Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. They have been especially helpful during my immediate postpartum period with my first newborn when learning to breastfeed was not easy - they came to my home!; and, when I was having trouble with production months after my second baby was born, they helped set me up with an electric hospital-grade pump and got me a free new pump through insurance! I highly recommend them for their professionalism, knowledge, skills, and customer service!”
— Lauren H.
“After seeing several nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital and struggling to nurse for a week, our son’s pediatrician recommended Healthy Babies Happy Moms and I couldn’t be more thankful. Without Kathy’s expert knowledge, willingness to find solutions, and understanding and soothing manner I’m sure we would not have had a successful breastfeeding relationship. I recommend HBHM to all my pregnant friends because it’s so important to establish nursing early, and I hope they can avoid the struggles I experienced.”
— Tara C.
“Your services have saved my breast feeding experience twice now! The most important thing you have given me is the confidence to trust myself! I recommend you to any pregnant woman I encounter, whether it’s her first baby or third, you guys always have something to offer. There will never be enough words to express how thankful I have been for your services.”
— Megan G.
“Healthy Babies, Happy Moms were a wonderful resource to me when nursing my daughter. Not just with the initial visit, but also with questions about pumping and storage when going back to work. They are such caring people who go above and beyond to help Moms in so many ways. I can’t thank them enough”
— Renee H.
I couldn’t be more satisfied with services from HBHM from initial phone requests, validation, and ease/speed in scheduling in home consult particularly during initial weeks when questions felt urgent. Melanie taught me and my husband so much about breastfeeding in under an hour and recently had a follow up call now that little guy is 5 months. Thank you all for your attentive care and knowledge to ease this new journey. I highly recommend them.
— Meghan Dwyer Deco
HBHM has been such a wonderful resource to me on my breastfeeding journey! I’ve seen Melanie and Kathy, and both were kind and supportive while helping me work through challenges. They were able to see me immediately, and even checked in with me after my appointment to make sure everything was going well.
— Stephanie O'Donnell
From my first phone call to the follow up conversations with Kathy, I was very happy with the overall experience and have nothing but positive impressions of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. The responsiveness of everyone at the business was incredible, and exactly as described on the website. I called at 10am on a Saturday of a holiday weekend in desperate need of help with my baby’s latch and overall feeding tendencies, and I met with Kathy the next day at noon. Kathy was incredibly knowledgable, understanding, positive, and an overall pleasure to work with. My baby was feeding with ease in the first 1 minute of Kathy’s consult, and has been feeding happily ever since. I cannot say enough good things about my overall experience with Healthy Babies, Happy Moms - thank you so much for everything!
Kathy rocks! She immediately saw a position correction that completely changed how breastfeeding felt. And when my son grew and the same pose didn’t feel comfortable anymore, she showed me the next steps. Also: helped my husband with bottle delivery.
I never felt pressure or shame for having trouble. Kathy helped me to feel confident in my nursing and gave me amazing reassurance that baby was getting what she needed. I don’t think I could be a nursing mom right now without the help I got.
I enjoyed everything about working with you! I had an appointment confirmed within 30 minutes of calling on a Saturday morning, and everyone was so polite and responsive. Kathy worked with me and she was incredible - knowledgeable, compassionate, and positive! I would absolutely recommend Happy Babies, Healthy Moms to anyone i know.
We felt respected and supported by how quickly we were seen. The intake was very thorough and we felt listened to. The suggestions she made gave us results within the week, giving us the hope we needed to get through the severe sleep deprivation.

Prior to giving birth your organization provided me with a pump through my insurance. When I went to pick it up, the woman at the front desk took ample time to explain each piece and how to use it. She answered all of my questions and was very reassuring and comforting for a soon-to-be first time mom. After giving birth to my daughter, your organization took the time to help me during one of my most vulnerable and frustrating times. Your organization did not one but TWO home visits after an extremely traumatic birthing experience/ c-section. Most importantly, Doris helped and encouraged me to feed my child in a way that works beautifully for both of us after many obstacles. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for myself and my family. I HIGHLY recommend your organization.