Jaclyn Ayotte, LCMT at Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich

We love Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich! Jaclyn Ayotte and her whole team will make you feel relaxed, safe, and calm.  Their licensed therapists will address your individual needs, and tailor a specific massage to offer you the maximum benefits.  All of their therapists are highly trained, professional, and seek to help you achieve your optimal health goals.

In addition to offering a variety of different massage therapies, another passion of Jaclyn's is assisting in the natural birth process of expectant mothers and their recovery after birth.  She believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of massage and chiropractic care regularly throughout pregnancy, and would love to see a turn in the direction of more at home, or natural, drug-free deliveries. She believes the woman's body is a powerful vessel for accomplishing this, with the help of alternative treatments which will keep her healthy and prepare her body for the work it needs to do.  Jaclyn had the privilege of laboring at home with her second child, and says that it was the most empowering, amazing, difficult and beautiful thing she has ever done.