Jaclyn Ayotte, LCMT at Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich

We love Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich! Jaclyn Ayotte and her whole team will make you feel relaxed, safe, and calm.  Their licensed therapists will address your individual needs, and tailor a specific massage to offer you the maximum benefits.  All of their therapists are highly trained, professional, and seek to help you achieve your optimal health goals.

In addition to offering a variety of different massage therapies, another passion of Jaclyn's is assisting in the natural birth process of expectant mothers and their recovery after birth.  She believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of massage and chiropractic care regularly throughout pregnancy, and would love to see a turn in the direction of more at home, or natural, drug-free deliveries. She believes the woman's body is a powerful vessel for accomplishing this, with the help of alternative treatments which will keep her healthy and prepare her body for the work it needs to do.  Jaclyn had the privilege of laboring at home with her second child, and says that it was the most empowering, amazing, difficult and beautiful thing she has ever done.

Yoga Classes for Moms at Laughing Elephant Yoga

Did you know there are yoga classes for expecting and new moms right here in our own back yard? Laughing Elephant Yoga (LEY), located at 4372 Post Road, East Greenwich, RI, offers both Prenatal and Mommy & Me yoga classes where you can practice yoga with other women in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  LEY also offers a variety of other types of yoga classes for students of all levels, from basic, foundational classes, to rigorous vinyasa classes. In addition, the studio hosts yoga workshops and other programs that promote health and wellness.  The environment is warm and friendly, and it is certainly a yoga studio where everyone feels at home – from first-time yogis to experienced practitioners.

Prenatal and Mommy & Baby yoga classes are taught by Lisa Rae, a registered yoga teacher, who is also certified to teach prenatal yoga. Lisa has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga.  Before discovering yoga, Lisa spent many years teaching group fitness classes at local fitness centers in Rhode Island.  Once she became pregnant with her first child, she focused on teaching yoga and also discovered the joy of taking prenatal yoga with other expectant mothers.  After becoming a new mother, Lisa also participated in mom and baby yoga classes and enjoyed the opportunity to move and share space with other women who were experiencing the joys and challenges of motherhood.  

The Prenatal Yoga class meets at LEY on Saturdays from 10:45am to 12:00pm and is designed for all expectant mothers, regardless of prior yoga experience.  During this practice, expectant mothers will practice poses and movements that safely prepare them for delivery and motherhood, while also helping them feel comfortable in their changing bodies.  The 75-minute practice highlights poses that stretch and strengthen the body, with focus on breathing and mindfulness.  The class concludes with a period of restful relaxation.

The Mommy & Me Yoga class meets at LEY on Thursdays from 11:00am to 12:00 pm.  This one-hour class is for moms with babies and/or toddlers, and is open to students of all levels of yoga experience. From a physical perspective, the practice is designed to help new moms stay healthy and strong as they recover from childbirth and deal with the stress that often accompanies being a new mother.  The other benefit of the class is that it provides a place where new moms can meet and share ideas and experiences.  Babies and children may take part in the class, but they often make their own fun while moms are moving and flowing.  Each class has a spirit of its own, depending on the children and participants, and Lisa makes sure everyone has the opportunity for movement, fun, and relaxation.

Lisa and the welcoming staff at LEY would love to see your shining faces at the yoga studio soon to experience one of these yoga classes!

Jacquie Procopio - DONA Trained Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor

Jacquie has over 30 years of diverse experiences with children and families as a respiratory therapist at Boston Children's Hospital, as a founder and coordinator of an after school program, as a provider of childcare, and being a full time mom to her own four children, and now as a DONA trained postpartum doula and a certified lactation counselor.

Her postpartum doula services are comprised of a variety of emotional, physical, and practical support measures that she draws from to meet the needs of your individual family. Her role is to nurture a new mom through the recovery of birth as well as to support partners through the transition period of adding a new baby to their lives.

Jacquie helps new moms to fill their toolboxes with evidence based information, resources, some humor, and positive nurturing to meet each mom's own specific needs. She has been referred to as "a breath of fresh air" whether she is supporting a family during the day or at night. She is aware that a family's needs will change day to day. Jacquie also knows that sleep deprivation during the early postpartum period can have serious complications. Knowing that a caring doula is with your baby all night will allow you a solid nights sleep which will nurture confident healthy parents.

You can find Jacquie Procopio at www.mammasinstincts.com. She looks forward to meeting you!

Kristen Kardos and Kathy McGuigan of RI New Moms Connection

Rhode Island New Moms Connection offers a multitude of pregnancy & new mom groups for women in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Kristen Kardos and Kathy McGuigan are on a mission to provide women with a non-judgmental space to share their motherhood experience with support, information, useful resources to help women expand their community of new mom friends.   Kristen is a fabulous DONA trained post partum doula who has been working with moms & families since 2009. She is co-chair for the Women & Infants Ob Patient Advisory Council; Kathy is a social worker who has been working with women and children for 20 years.Facilitating New Mom and Pregnancy Support Groups combines her passion for motherhood with her professional skills and experience. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Brown Play School.  Both women are members of the RI Birth Network; and contributing writers for kidoinfo.  There are new groups starting all the time, so check out their website and join them!