Lactation Consults

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. offers lactation consultations in our patient's homes and our East Greenwich office. Our company is licensed by the Rhode Island Health Department as a Licensed Home Nursing Care Provider and nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Healthcare. All of our Board-Certified Lactation Consultants are also Registered Nurses (RN/IBCLCs). We do our best to see all families within 24 hours of receiving a breastfeeding mother’s call or a pediatrician’s referral. Consults are scheduled one half-hour before a baby is anticipated to eat, so that there is ample time to gain an accurate feeding history. We realize it doesn't always work out that way, which doesn't bother us, but it is nicer for our mothers when we can make that happen!

In-Home Lactation Consultations

We understand that for new moms who are having trouble breastfeeding, in-office appointments can be stressful, or even downright impossible. That’s why our lactation consultants can come to you!  Request an in-home consultation below and one of our Board-Certified Lactation Consultants will travel to you to help you with any breastfeeding difficulties and concerns.

“We can’t thank Kathy and the staff of Healthy Babies, Happy Moms enough for their help during the days that followed the birth of our first child. We left the hospital feeling anxious, wondering if our daughter would latch correctly and if my milk would come in. I was terribly discouraged and we made the call to Kathy on Saturday afternoon once we had settled in back at home. To my surprise, she offered to come to our house on Sunday – the next day! From the moment we met Kathy, we felt like we were in good hands. She was supportive and encouraging. With her help, we learned so many things about breastfeeding, most importantly to be patient! It all came together and we are so happy that we didn’t give up when it seemed impossible.”

— Marissa & Ryan Hirschfeld

What to Expect During Your Lactation Consultation

Consults usually last about two to three hours. Our lactation consultants weigh the baby before and after the feeding to get an accurate indication of the infant’s intake. The consultant stays with the mother throughout the entire feeding and makes any recommendations necessary to improve the breastfeeding relationship. They do not leave until the baby is satisfied and all the family’s questions are answered. The pediatrician and/or the referring physician is faxed a report to indicate that we saw one of their patients and to provide our recommendations.

Request a Lactation Consult

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our Board-Certified Lactation Consultants, please call our office at 401-884-8273 or fill out the form below.

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For our cancellation policy and insurance coverage, please see below.

On-Going Breastfeeding Support

Our fee includes unlimited phone follow-up with your lactation consultant. If you need a second in-home nursing consultation, depending on your location, the second visit is less expensive. We can always see you at our office at a lower rate.  We realize that our fee may be a hardship for some families, and we would never want to discourage a family from seeking help. We have a charity care policy.  If you are willing to fill out the required forms and qualify, you can be seen for free. Just let us know and we will do everything we can to work with you and get you taken care of! Please use our Contact Form for more information.  To schedule an appointment, PLEASE call our office at 401-884-8273. We require 24 hours’ notice via a phone call when cancelling a consult appointment. Please do not send an email. Families who do not give us 24 hours’ notice will be billed a fee of $50.

Insurance Covered Lactation Consultations

We are currently able to bill Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, the Federal Blue Cross Plan, and some out of state BCBS plans directly. If you are a member of an out of state BCBS plan, please view our Out of State BCBS Financial Policy to find out what important questions to ask your insurance company. We also have a Credit Card on File Policy with some frequently asked questions.

In order to have us bill your insurance plan for our lactation consult, we need to have a prescription from your obstetrician or your baby’s pediatrician. Please contact the doctor, let them know why you need to see us, and ask them to fax a prescription to us at 401-884-5541.

Although some insurance companies do not cover in-home consultations, please contact your insurer directly to see what lactation benefits they provide. Sometimes, you can be reimbursed for lactation costs after you have paid HBHM Inc. If you have a Flexible Spending Account for Health Care, they typically reimburse you for our consults and for breast pump rentals and purchases. We are happy to provide you with documentation you may need for reimbursement from your insurer or FSA.  You can always use your FSA credit card for any of our products or services.

Here is some reimbursement information regarding other insurance plans:

  • Harvard Pilgrim reimburses their subscribers 100% for our lactation consults.

  • Tufts reimburses their subscribers 100% for our lactation consults.

  • Some United plans reimburse their subscribers if they are seen within the first week after birth. Please call your customer service number to confirm your coverage.

In each situation, you pay HBHM Inc. and then we provide you with the documentation you need for reimbursement. Please view our Financial Policy and our Credit Card on File Policy for more information. 

*Please note that the unlimited phone follow-up for the lactation consult is only for the child for whom you received the consult, and not subsequent children. Thank you for your understanding!

For mothers outside of Rhode Island who lack access to an IBCLC, Healthy Babies, Happy Moms Inc. offers virtual lactation consults. For more information, click here.

Customer Comments and Testimonials

When my wife and I transitioned home from the hospital with our little one, one of the biggest stresses was coping with the challenges of breastfeeding. The fear that breastfeeding wasn’t working seemed to take over everything in our lives, leading to tension, loss of sleep, and concerns about our baby’s health. My wife had consulted several nurses in the hospital, but the advice felt inconsistent and was difficult to implement once our supports were gone and it was just the three of us at home. Kathy was an amazing support to us during that time. She was responsive, compassionate, and readily available when difficulties and fear arose. She helped us develop a plan and suggested ways that I could be supportive with the process as well. Kathy was always available to field questions and calm our fears. We are so thankful that Kathy helped us through that chaotic time, and feel like stronger parents because of her support.
— Jim Brcak, Providence, RI
I took a prenatal nursing class through HBHM and it was very informative (although “on the job” training is the best for nursing). When in the hospital with our new baby, the hospital lactation consultants and nurses were helpful, but the lactation consultants didn’t observe a feeding due to their oversubscribed schedule. I called HBHM at 7 a.m., the day we were being discharged, and Kathy Moren picked up the phone by chance. She made it over to our house the next morning, calling earlier to find out when the baby would be hungry. It was an amazing appointment; I learned so much and she weighed the baby so we learned how much milk she was getting. Seeing Kathy really restored my confidence in nursing; I had left the hospital worried and felt much better after seeing Kathy. She also called to check up on me and helped develop a plan for nursing that has worked well for two weeks. There’s a reason why HBHM is recommended over and over again by birth workers in Rhode Island; don’t wait to call, and the fee for a home visit is well worth it…6 months later, I am still exclusively giving my baby my milk, all thanks to Kathy. I have had two other appointments with her, one where we focused on building my confidence for nursing outside the house, and one where she helped me work through “distractible nursing” that my baby was going through at four months. Kathy really inspires confidence in parents, and she also offers an excellent class on sleep that I highly recommend. Her lactation group, which is free and meets every two weeks, is a nice supportive place for moms to talk about parenthood. HBHM is one of the best resources for new parents in Rhode Island.
— Sohini R.
Kathy is wonderful. I met her because she delivered my hospital grade pump to me while I was an inpatient at WIH. I was able to get one through my insurance because my son was in the NICU. After his NICU stay, transitioning from bottle to breastfeeding was very stressful for me (my preemie was slow to pick up bottle feeding, let alone breastfeeding), and Kathy was positive from day 1, assuring me that we would get him to nurse, and we did! I loved that she came to the house in our normal environment, which helped us learn nursing much more organically than in the hospital. She was immensely encouraging and always had such a positive outlook on our progress that I couldn’t help but feel excited and positive too. I also love that Kathy helps nursing fit around your life and parenting goals, and not the other way around. I could not have done it without her.
— Tovah
As I continue to nurse my 3rd son, I think of you often. I am thankful for all that you taught me 4 years ago with Harris. I often see women on TV shows saying how painful nursing is and feel sorry for them that they didn’t have someone like you to show them it isn’t painful. I am continually thankful for the knowledge you have provided me and my family.
— Rebecca Marino, Providence, RI
I was having trouble breastfeeding my newborn, when I called HBHM I was given a next day appt. Doris spent 2 hours with me and the baby. She spent time observing and giving advice; It didn’t feel rushed.
Thank you for the incredible gift that you have given me - that is being able to nurse my daughter. Robin is now 3 months old and nursing her feels so easy and comfortable that I almost can’t remember how difficult it was in the beginning. I can absolutely say that without you, I would be feeding my baby formula and missing this incredible bonding experience. What a difference you have made for my daughter and me.
— Jane Linden, Providence, RI
I still think of what you did for me about three years ago! I was in excruciating pain from engorgement and early breastfeeding and in a panic when you came in and completely changed the entire equation. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was like an angel had visited and made everything right. I am forever grateful.
— Meg Wirth, Providence, RI
I just wanted to proudly tell you that I am still nursing Loretta. She’s almost 5 months now and is weighing in at 13.5 lbs, 24”. I’m so proud & happy to have stuck it out. It took at least 3 months before I finally felt “through the woods”. You are doing some really important work. Thanks for all of your support. It made a huge difference.
— Melissa Sabatini-Wilson, Warwick, RI
My son was born over Memorial Day weekend. I called on Memorial Day and left a message to set up a consultation during that week but Kathy called me back even though it was a holiday and I had my consultation the following day. The consultation was great and it helped with my son latch. I also attended the lactation support group which is free and takes place twice a month.
— Michaela B.
Thank God for you! I owe this past year to you and want to thank you sincerely for all your help. You are terrific at what you do! I respect your upfront, no nonsense, and honest approach towards nursing. Without your help, I would have given up nursing altogether and that would have been a shame. The bond I have with Kevin is incredible and all our nursing time together is very special. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
— Katie Cloxton, Cranston, RI
The availability of home visits as well as weekend appointments was extremely convenient and helpful during a vulnerable and difficult time for me. I don’t think I would have been able to continue nursing without the help of your staff.
— Keri A.
Kathy has honestly saved me when it comes to breastfeeding my baby and saving me from being anxious, which has helped me tremendously. The home service is incredible as I really benefit from being shown exactly what to do and the best way to do it. I love how knowledgeable and completely assuring this service is and even better that it’s a benefit from our insurance. I was told so many techniques at the hospital, none that worked before working with Healthy Babies, Happy Moms. I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my family!
— Ashley